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Born in Alabama collage

Hi Y'all!

We'd like to introduce ourselves a little further. The Liv Fuller brand is full of bold, bright, and head-turning elements. We aren't afraid to push boundaries and embrace contradictions and are carving out a new space that's currently missing from the market. We call it FARM GLAM. It's the magical intersection of farmer-focused partnerships and ingredient obsession, and it wears high heels.

Farmer-focused, ingredient-obsessedThe details of our logo are full of meaning

Our brand mark is a glamorous queen bee who moves with confidence and purpose. The playful pig-nose element is a nod to earth and good luck, reminding us that even the wisest and eco-conscious food brands shouldn’t take themselves too seriously!

Liv Fuller logo breakdown

The Liv Fuller logotype leans into conflict with elegant serif forms contrasting against hand-drawn graffiti lettering that symbolizes our "color outside the lines" approach to life, food, and farming!

Magically Good Food

The brand tagline Magically Good Food captures our mission, our values, and our personality.


What our team has been up to

(besides working hard to make your food dreams come true)

Talia graduation

Our Project Manager, Talia, completed her graduate degree! We have an MBA on our team, folks. And she's just returned from a trip to the Amazon. Talia has been essential to our team since the creation of the Liv Fuller brand.  

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