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🍄 Our mushroom honey is ready! Get yours!

Olivia at Liv Fuller Foods coming at ya! This is my comic book origin story. I didn't want to have to choose and who says you can't do it all? Our small team has been working overtime to bring you some exciting new products.

We want everyone to put food in their body that makes them feel delightful. That daily dose of magic is what we're all about.

Let me introduce the new brand. The brand is the star after all!

Liv Fuller is a farmer-led, female-owned brand. We are ingredient snobs, agriculture experts, educators, and we love delicious food.

Through wit and whimsy, we are reimagining staple ingredients into delightful and sexy products.

What does Living Fuller look like to you?

To us it is embracing the nuances of life. Chasing our dreams even when we fail, challenging how things should be, and making a positive impact where we can. We know farming. We know food. And we know the good and bad side of agriculture.

We made this for you, yes you.

We believe that you've found yourself here as someone who clearly cares about making the most of life and the ingredients you put in your body.

Can you guess what our first product might be? Head over to Instagram and take the poll. You may even score a $10 gift card to our shop!


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